Trailer EvaluationTrailer AnatomyAll trailers are NOT created equal. Find out why!

Pierced Main Beams.  Pierced Main Beams. Allows for use of deeper mainrails and crossmembers while maintaining a lower deck height.  Piercing also creates a unitized, inter-locking frame for added strength.

Rated at Carrying Capacity.  No guesswork as to the true capability of the trailer.

Cold Formed “A” Frame.  Flanges of main-rails are not compromised by cutting notches to form drawbar angles.

Modular Wiring.  PVC jacketed harness is modular in design so that wiring damage is rpairable by simple modular replacement.

Hutch 9700 Suspensions.  Equalizers distribute load weight evenly to axles.  44,800 lb total spring capacity on dual tandems prevents complete spring deflection under extreme load.

Tagalong Trailers

rbs_seriesRBS Series

RBS trailers have an 83″ load width and range in capacity from 6 ton to 9 ton. Dexter torflex axles are standard throughout.

bst_seriesBST Series

BST single tire deck over trailers range from 6 ton to 9 ton capacity and utilize 12″ manrails and oak decking.

bst-s_seriesBST/S Series

Our BST/S models are perfectly suited for directional boring machines and similar.  Capacities range from 6 ton to 10 ton.

dt-dta_seriesDT/DTA Seris

DT/DTA trailers are available in 9-12 ton capacities.  Hutch 9700 suspensions and 6″ I-beam crossmembers are standard on most models.  also available in a gooseneck.

dlaDLA Series

The DLA Series includes 20 ton two axle and 25 ton 3 axle versions.  Options such as an Air Lift axle and Air or Hydraulic ramps are available.

Tiltbed Trailers

tst_seriesTST Series

Our TST tilt trailers are built with the same quality as our larger models but to haul machines in the 5 ton to 8 ton range.

tdt_tda_seriesTDT/TDA Series

TDT/TDA trailers are our medium duty tilts available in 10 ton or 12 ton capacities.  4′ stationary deck is also available and recommended for hauling backhoes and similar.

apc_seriesAPC Series

Our APC line is specifically designed with the paving contractor in mind.  Low incline ramps and roller deck option make for easier loading.

tdl_seriesTDL Series

TDL tilt trailers are available in 15 to 25 ton capacity and feature dual tilt cylinders, standard 4′ stationary deck and available air operated bed lock.  NHTSA approved underride is also standard.

Gooseknecks and Lowboys

lbg-prc_seriesLBG/PRC Series

Fixed neck lowboys are available from 25 to 50 tons. Optional full width gentle slope neck and extended air or hydraulic ramps offer increased versatility.

pht_seriesPHT Series

PHT Powertail trailers are available in 35-50 tons and come standard with a 12K winch, 14 degree load angle air ride suspension and 35″ loaded deck height.

sgdn_seriesSDGN Series

Detachable neck lowboys available from 35 to 60 ton capacity.  True 4 beam constructions, apitong decking and air ride suspension standard.  air lift 3rd axle and 13 HP Honda powerpack optional.

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